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Stivichall deeds and papers


Lease from William Boule, parson of the church of Kynnesbury, William Pureffey and Henry Caytewayte, parson of the church of Whysshawe to John Knyght of Coventre, merchant, of a water-mill in the fields of Styvechale called Heth'mulle with ponds, sluice gates, water course, fisheries, and water for grinding and fishing, together with an adjacent meadow, a pasture called Vernyhale and a parcel of land called Plattegreve with appurtenances in the fields of Pynleye; to hold the same to the said John Knyght for the duration of his life, rendering annually for the first 60 years, 26s. 8d. (4 terms), and after the said 60 years, 20 marks if the said John should wish to continue the said lease; and the said John to maintain the said property in good repair at his own expense; and should the said John die within the said term of 60 years, then his heirs to hold the said property for the remainder of the said term of 60 years; and the said John to have all timber and undergrowth growing in the hedges and ditches and on the said land, together with all other easements and to dig ditches and `argillum' (?clay) at his pleasure. Witnesses: William Bagot, knight; John Marton', deyster, Oliver Burdet, John Ray, Robert Inggram and others. Dated at Styvechale, Michaelmas 10 Richard II. Seal on tag; circular, red; within two cusped interlacing triangles, a ?shield. Endorsed: i) Hethmylne ii) leassed by the feoffes of Sir Baldewyne Frevyle [AG]