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Stivichall deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from John son of Ranulph de Stivechale to Thomas de Merston' of two acres of arable land in the fields of Stivechale with ?headlands (capitibus) of meadow adjacent and all other appurtenances; namely, half an acre upon le Ninelondes between the land of Sir John de Langeleye and the land of Alan de Canneleye; half an acre at the marlpit of John de Canneleye between the land of Sir John de Langeleye on both sides; half an acre `into' Carsewalle between the land of Sir John de Segrave and the land of Geoffrey de Whiteleye; and half an acre `into' Holweyeputte between the land of William le Westerne and the land of Thomas de Merston'; to hold to the said Thomas and his heirs for ever of the chief lord of the fee. Witnesses: John le Eyr, Thomas de Barwe, Geoffrey de Whitel', William de Asthull', John de Finham, Henry attehez, William le Westerne and others. Dated at Stivechale, Monday next after the feast of St. Scholastica, 10 Edward II. Seal on tag in fragments, sown in silk bag. Endorsed: i) Bona carta de iiij seliones terre, vi [14th century] ii) this deid provith ij landes in Holway playnly w supc; suph; be - [erased]-land. And also a land in Caswel next a land y supt; segrave had lieing in Stychal [AG] iii) Merston [AG] iv) dominus Segrave [AG] v) evydences of Clerkes landes [AG]