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Stivichall deeds and papers


Lease with warranty from Rannulph de Stivichal' to Henry de Stivichal' his brother of all his rents in Lidiard' in pence, pepper and cumin with half an acre of arable land in La Leye; namely, from Thomas de Hyda 5 shillings per annum, from Ralph de Ockeseye 3 shillings, from land which Alexander Wynt' once held 8 pence, from Isabel 3 pence, from Ioye 2 pence, from Alice Blanche 3 pence, from Alexander de la Sawe one penny, from Geoffrey Neuecom' 3 pence, from Henry de Styvichal' 2 pence, from William de Stivich' 2 pence, from Robert Fynch 12 pence and half a pound of cumin, from Walter de Ameney one pound of cumin and from Roger the cook (coco) half a pound of pepper; to hold of the said Rannulf from Michaelmas 42 Henry son of John[1258] for a term of 9 years, with all escheats, wardships, reliefs and heriots which may fall due from any of the said persons; and the said Rannulf may not alienate any of the said rents during the said term; and for this the said Henry gives 6 marks; and if the said Henry is hindered from the said rents by default of warranty, then the said Rannulph to submit himself and his goods to the jurisdiction of the Archdeacon of Coventr', so that by ecclesiastical censure he will fulfill the agreement to the said Henry, and make good his costs and losses, under pain of 100 shillings to the works of Westminster and 20 shillings to the Archdeacon; and the said property to revert to the said Rannulph at the end of the said term. Witnesses: Sir Nicholas de Lultesh', Robert de Abyndon', Reginald de la Hoke, Roger de la Bur', William Wrong', Richard le Archer' and others. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: i) Warr' Stivechall' [14th c.] ii) x a counterpaine iii) Lydiard [AG]