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Stivichall deeds and papers


Lease with warranty from Henry Sterre and Rose his wife to Ralph de Witele of a messuage with buildings and appurtenances in Styvehal' together with all meadows and lands both within and without the vill and with all liberties and easements pertaining to the same in woods, etc. and together with 2 shillings rent which the said Henry was accustomed to receive from the said tenement; to hold of the said Henry and Rose from Michaelmas 11 Edward I [1283] for 20 years paying annually 7s. 6d. (2 terms); and the said Ralph to maintain the said buildings at his own cost so that at the end of the said term they shall be in as good a condition as, or better than, when he received them; and the said Henry and Rose are not to sell or alienate the said property without the consent of the said Ralph, and that if it was to be sold then the said Ralph would have preference by half a mark; and should the said Henry die within the said term and the said Rose try to deprive Ralph of the property, then she would be held indebted to the said Ralph in 10 marks; and should the said Rose fail to carry out his agreement she would come under the jurisdiction of the bishop of Coventr' and be excommunicated from the day of her trial until satisfaction had been made for the 10 marks. Witnesses: Adam de Okes, Adam son of Miles of Witel', William David' of the same, Ranulph le Prestis of Stiveshal', Richard de Wilenhal', Henry `ad Brweram', Walter `ad Brweram', Anketil the clerk and others. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: i) Warr' Stiveschall' [14th century] by this deid no suyt of court [AG] iii) xi Ed 1 [AG]