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Stivichall deeds and papers


Lease with warranty from Jolinus son of Ranulph de Stivechale to Hugh son of Payn, smith,of three acres of waste (steriles) land in three fields in Stivechale; namely half an acre lying in Parhurene Oxe Mulnehul between the land of Ralph de Stertone and the land which Walter de Longeleye once held; half an acre between the land of Richard de Barue and the land which Walter de Longeleye held; half an acre upon Balocuslone between the land of William le Wettern' and the land of the said Ralph de Stertton'; half an acre in the same field lying between the land of John de Barue and the land of Ranulph son of Hugh de Stivechale; half an acre extending into the meadow of Crassevalle between the land of the said John de Barue and the land of the said Ralph son of Hugh; and half an acre extending to the meadow of Mereden' between the land of Henry Callemacher and the land of Walter Longeleye, deceased; to hold the said land with exit and entrance to the said Hugh son of Payn of Coventr' from Michaelmas for a term of 12 years, rendering one clove of gilly flower at Michaelmas; and for this the said Hugh gives 8 shillings. Witnesses: Ralph de Viteleye, Adam Mile of the same, Robert `Forestario' de Stivechale, Ranulph son of Hugh of the same, John de Barue of the same, Henry de Finnam and many others. Dated: Thursday before Palm Sunday 1279. Tag and seal lost. Endorsed: i) Warr' Stivechall' [14th c.] ii) parcel of y supe; auncient demenes [AG] iii) 3 acres. 7 E I [AG]