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Stivichall deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from Henry Caytewaite, clerk, and William Bowle, clerk, to William Bagot, knight, of a meadow with water and adjacent fishery with appurtenances in the fields of Styvevchale extending in length next to the river Sowe on the one hand and the demesne land of Styvevchale on the other as far as the stone bridge there, as it is enclosed with water and ditches, which meadow the said Henry and William had by the gift of Baldwin Frevill', knight; to hold the same forever of the chief lord of the fee for due and customary service, rendering annually to the grantors 13s. 4d. at the four annual terms in Stevevchale; and should the said rent remain unpaid beyond one month, then the said grantors would have the right of distraint in the said meadow and in the fulling mill of the said William Bagot in Bathekynton' [Baginton], and if the said rent should remain unpaid for 3 months and the said distraint was not sufficient, then the said grantors would have the right to make distraint in the manor of Bathekynton'. Witnesses: Robert de Stafford', John Malore, knights, Thomas de Meryngton', John Bray, William Allesley and others. Dated at Middelton', 11 June 10 Richard II. Seal on tag; circular, red; heraldic. A cnevron between 3 martlets, the whole set in a decorated, circular border. Legend: SIGILLUM WILL[EIMI] BA[G]OT. Endorsed: i) Indenture de Bagynton' mylne in dominico de Stichehale ii) tent' de episcopo per servitium militare. xiij sups; iiij supd; redditus per feoffatores domini Baldwini Frevyle domini de Stichehale [AG] iii) Overcorne mylne hodie to tum in Sticheale [AG]