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Brinklow deeds and papers


Assignment from William Pytchford, citizen and haberdasher of London, and Richard Shingler citizen and draper of the same, (executors of the will of the late Thomas Shingler citizen and haberdasher of the same) with the consent of William Dawes of Brincklowe yeoman, and of Thomas Dawes his son and heir apparent, to Mathew Cure the elder of Combe gent., reciting a mortgage of 30 August, 8 James I [1610], from William Dawes of Brincklow deceased father of William Dawes party hereto, to Thomas Awdley of London gent. of a moiety of a meadow know as Hell Meadowe in Brincklowe, late in the occupation of the said William Dawes (the other half of which is now the freehold of the said Mathew Cure) and of a close called Gardner's Close containing two acres in Brincklowe in the occupation of the said William Dawes, to hold for the term of 100 years at a pepper-corn rent; and reciting that the said Thomas Awdley assigned the residue of the said term to Thomas Shingler. It is now witnessed that in consideration of £95 paid by Mathew Cure to William Pytchford and Richard Shingler, the residue of the term of 100 years in the said mortgage is assigned to the said Mathew Cure. Dated: 26 July, 24 Charles I. Signed: William Pitchford, Richard Shingler, William Dawes, Thomas Dawes. Seals: i) tag only. ii-iv) Red, on tags, defaced and one broken. Witnesses: John Clarke, William Gibbons, Henry Fryth, Henry Johnson, John Pitchford, Abram Gibbons. Endorsed: i) graunt and assignement from the executors of Mr. Thomas Shingler, Wm. Dawes and Thomas Dawes to Mr. Mathewe Cure the elder. ii) 26 July 24 Car