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Baddesley Clinton


Gift from James de Clinton' to Geoffrey son of Roger atte Wode of half an acre and eight portions of waste land in the fee of Baddesleye, lying in breadth between the land of Roger atte Wode on the one hand, and the land of Thomas atte Forde on the other, and in length from the land of Thomas atte Forde as far as the waste land of the said James. To hold the same freely with the right to sell or assign the said lands except to monks; rendering annually 2d. at the two terms, that is 1d. at the feast of St. Michael, and 1d. at the feast of St. Mary in March in lieu of all services. except foreign service. Warranty clause for ever. Consideration: 11s. Sealing clause. Witnesses: Alexander de Cruylefeld, Walter de de [sic] Winterton', Thomas de Stok' de Welinton, John de Pessam, Nicholas de Baddesleye and many others. Undated: c. 1300 Heraldic seal of natural wax, incomplete, cracked. 1 1/4 in. [Upon a chief two mullets pierced] X S'...CLENTON... see 11. [49/47]