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Cheeke, Russell Tipping families: Archer of Tanworth


`A List of papers rece'd this 20th day of Octob'r 1696; which were formerly Sealed up Now Examined w'ch with the Governo'rs Instructions, the Com'ission of the Admiralty are all the [Pse]'. A list of 51 papers mostly 1694-96, apparently state papers relating to Barbados. Mention is made of Col. Kendall, Mr. King, Col. Salter, Major Peers, Col. Stede, Mr. Meyne, Sir Jonathan Atkins, Count Blenack, Capt. Reeves, Mr. Willy, Mr. Brewster, Sir Robert Davers, Mr. Littleton, Moncrif, Monsr. Coupoon, Mr. Povey.