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Baddesley Clinton


Quitclaim from Richard Pecheley, William Zorke, Robert Whyttyngton', and William [Lownd], all of Leysetter, to John Mayell of Warrewyke of lands, tenements, rents, reversions, services, meadows, pastures, feedings, with hedges, ponds, ditches, moors and all other liberties and appurtenances in Baddesley Clynton, which lately belonged to John Newby and which the said John Newby held by the gift and feoffment of Thomas Cokkes of Couentr' passynger'. The said property consisting of a messuage, four arable lands and two groves lying in length from Hay wod parke as far as the waste of Baddesley; and in breadth from Hay wod parke on the one hand as far as the highway leading from the rectory of Baddesley as far as the church of Balsale `templum de Balsale'. Also a moor called Mayowys`mor' lying in length from the land formerly held by Thomas de Baddesley as far as the land of Thomas Podnowe, and in breadth within the land formerly held by the said Thomas Podnowe as far as the demesne land of Baddesley. To hold the same for ever. Warranty clause. No sealing clause or witnesses. Undated: c. 7 August 1430 see DR3/209. Seals: 1. Tag and seal (?s) missing. 2. A broad tag slit to take two seals with traces of red wax. [55/26]