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Hunt family, solicitors of Stratford-upon-Avon


Draft conveyance by James Arkell, Cheltenham, mealman (as trustee and executor of the will of Thomas Arkell, deceased) to John Tomes, William Chattaway and Edmund Darby Ford, S/A, bankers, as security for £1030 owed to them by the said Thomas Arkell, deceased, and for £607.4s.2d due to Richard Salmon of the Equity of Redempton of the White Lion Inn, Henley Street, Stratford-upon-Avon with outbuildings and land belonging. Recitals (1) 18 19 Apr 1822 Conveyance by Charles Smith, John Payton and others to Thomas Arkell and James Arkell. (2) 19 20 Apr 1822 Mortgage by Thomas and James Arkell to Thomas Adkins, Milcote, for £3000. (3) 24 25 Dec 1829 Transfer of mortgage to Francis Lawley, Middleton Hall. (4) 12 Oct 1830 Will of Thomas Arkell leaving property to wife Elizabeth Parker Arkell to sell, pay debts, divide residue to children. If she die or remarry, then upon same trusts to brother James Arkell. (5) 5 Dec 1830 Death of Thomas Arkell. (6) 22 Dec 1830 Death of Elizabeth Parker Arkell intestate leaving Thomas Arkell, junior, eldest son and heir at law. (7) 16 17 Jan 1832 Conveyance by Thomas Arkell of his moiety to James Arkell in trust to fulfill terms of his father's will.