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Baddesley Clinton


Decree made by John Warde LL.B., John Lyndefeld' LL.B., commissioners of the Dean of the Arches of London and the reverend father Henry [Chicheley] Archbishop of all England and Legate, whereas at an enquiry held at London before the said Commissioners on 16 November 1437 concerning the will of Nicholas Meteley who held goods in divers dioceses within the province of Canterbury, it was agreed at the request of Robert Catesbye, one of the executors of the will, to grant the administration of the same to Margaret Mettleye, mother of the said Nicholas, and Joan his wife, if letters patent were procured before 30 December 1437. The letters patent were received on 23 December 1437 at Wolfrogestone [Wolston] at the house of the said Joan and administration granted to her. Granted 12 January 1437/8. Tongue for seal with fragment of black wax. Endorsed: [In a contemporary hand] N Metteley [49/53]