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Hildenborough, Kent


Gift from Hugh de Pech' to John de Stotfolde of land and appurtenances which Edwin de la Sere held of Roger son of Odo in Hildene [Hildenborough in Kent]. To hold to the said John and his heirs for the annual rent of 3s. 8d. of which 9d. was to be paid at Michaelmas, Christmas, Easter and Midsummer and 8d. at the feast of St. Peter ad vincula. Consideration: 2 1/2 marks. Warranty clause against men and women. Witnesses: Richard de Sandpette'; Roger brother of Richard; Thomas brother of Roger; ?Richard de Sandhurst; Jordan de He'ham'; Turkil; Richard de Heham'; Clement son of Mark; Roger son of John; John son of Mark; William son of ?Jefeme'; Humphrey brother of William; Clement the merchant. Undated: c. 1250 see the Peche pedigree in Dugdale's Warwickshire, 1730 ed. p.954. Circular seal of green wax on tag. 1 in. ?A stork. + SIGILLVM HVGONIS DE PEST H Consideration clause repeated. [50/23]