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Cheeke, Russell Tipping families: Archer of Tanworth


[As from] John Pratt to Lord Orford. Oliver Marton to Sir William Robinson. Copy of letter. (This is calendared in Cal. Treasury Papers. 1702-1707, p.477, no. 64 where it is accepted at its face value as being a letter to Lord Orford from Lady Russell's agent.) Reports show that the money now due should balance all arrears on Lady Dorchester's pension. The Lord Treasurer should be asked to direct that care be taken that Lady Russell shall now receive some of the money due to her. Letter Lord Orford wishes that the substance of Sir William's letter should be taken out and directed to him as a letter from Lady Russell's agent in Ireland: he will then give copies to the Lord Treasurer and Mr. Lowndes. The foregoing is an extract from the letter, which may be altered or rewritten. Dublin, 21 Dec 1706; Temple, 8 [?18] Jan 1706/7