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Hunt family, solicitors of Stratford-upon-Avon


Draft release by Thomas Battersbee, Lt. in Royal Engineers, only son and heir of Edmund Battersbee, late of S/A, banker, deceased, and Richard Gibbs, Wootton Wawen, gent., surviving assignee of William George Morris, late of Stratford-upon-Avon, banker, bankrupt, now deceased, but formerly partner of Edmund Battersbee to John Elliott, S/A, law stationer for £152 of cottage in Scholars Lane, formerly in possession George Davern then Richard Allen, since James Vincent, now John Elliott. Recitals (1) 23 24 June 1803 Conveyance by John Nott to said Thomas Hunt of premises in Scholars Lane. (2) 27 28 June 1808 Conveyance by Thomas Hunt to John Lord in trust for use of Edmund Battersbee and William George Morris, bankers and co-partners. (3) 10 Nov 1812 Death of Edmund Battersbee without any disposition in his will re said premises so that his rights descended to his son Thomas. (4) 29 Oct 1818 Bankruptcy of William George Morris and appointment of John Cory (since deceased) and Richard Gibbs as his Assignees. (5) May 1822 Death of William George Morris. (6) 9 Feb 1824 Order in Chancery that premises were joint property of partnership and to be sold. (7) 23 Aug 1826 Auction of premises.