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Rowington and Baddesley Clinton


Lease from Richard Bird of Rowington gent. to Richard White of Rowington husbandman and Elizabeth his wife of a messuage with a barn, orchard and garden [in Rowington] and a close in Baddesley Clynton called the Green field adjoining a pasture belonging to Henry Ferrers esq. called the Great Greene field and extending in length from Brownes grove down to Gilbertes Stile, also two other closes lying in Rowington and Baddesley, one lying beyond a pale called Baddesley Park pale and the other by a parcel of land belonging to the parish of Rowington, all which property was then in the tenure of the said Richard White, reserving the timber rights on the said lands to the said Richard Bird, The said Richard and Elizabeth to hold the same for 40 years for the annual rent of 14d. to be paid at Lady Day and Michaelmas in equal portions. The said Richard and Elizabeth to have sufficient hedgebote to keep the said property in repair and to have the right of distraint upon refusal of the same after 40 days. The said Richard and Elizabeth also to have two loads of firewood annually with the right of distraint upon refusal of the same after 20 days. 13 November 40 Elizabeth [1598]. Signed: Rychard Byrd Circular seal of red wax on tag, incomplete. 3/4 in. A lovers knot between the letters RB Witnesses endorsed: Thomas Slye; Henry Huddesford; Thomas Masoune; Thomas Ley; William Burton; William Byrde, John Byrde; Thomas Wilkes; William Saunders, junior. Endorsed: [In the hand of Edward Ferrers c.1630] Richard Birdes lease of his tenemente in Rowington and landes there and in Baddesly Clinton to Richard White and Eliz. his wife for 40 yeers if they so long live. [291]

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    13 Nov 1598

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    United Kingdom - England - Warwickshire - Rowington,

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