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Wroxall, Hatton, Haseley, Honiley and Balsall


Mid 17th century copy of the declaration of the uses of Wroxall Charity by John Thurston citizen and alderman of London, Thomas Bennett and John Bennett, feoffees of the said charity, reciting that whereas £28 had been given the charity for the payment of all dues and taxes of the people of Wroxall, and that £10 of this total had been spent on the purchase of lands in Hatton of ye Hill [Hatton] and Hasely of the yearly value of 16s. which they had enfeoffed on 20 March 2 Henry VIII [1511] to William Palmer, Master of the Hospital of St. John the Baptist in Coventry, and others as trustees, and that with the remaining £18 the said feoffees had purchased land called Waltomes in Honely and Balsall which they had enfeoffed on 6 October 7 Henry VIII [1515] to John Butler of Coventry and John Latham of Coventry dyer and others as trustees. The said feoffees now made provision for the renewal of the body of trustees as often as should be necessary, and made provision for meetings to be held to carry out the administration of the charity. They also decreed that a box with three locks should be provided for the funds of the charity to be placed in the custody of the Prioress of Wroxall and that a register of accounts was to be made annually, and the same preserved with the deeds of the charity. Undated: c.1522 see Records of Wroxall ed. J.W. Ryland, 1903. pp. 147-170, a copy of this declaration is given on pp. 169-170. Victoria County History of Warwickshire III. p. 220. Copy made by Edward Ferrers c.1630. Two endorsements in the hand of Edward Ferrers c. 1630 on the last two pages almost illegible and lost with mildew. [256]