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Lease from Humphrey Weringe parson of Wytnashe to Ralph Brome of Volowe [Woodloes] esq. of the parsonage of Wytnasshe with all houses, barns, stables, buildings, glebe lands, tithes, fruits, profits, advantages and appurtenances, excepting the parlour and all chambers and housing above the hall with free entrance and exit for the same, and half of the garden and orchard together with half of the fruit and other produce. To hold the same for 21 years from the following Michaelmas for the annual rent of £10 to be paid at the four terms in equal portions, the said Humphrey to have the right of re-entry if the said rent was not paid eight weeks after any of the said terms. The said Ralph was to pay all subsidies and taxes charged on the said property to the crown, and also to repair and maintain the chancel of the said church at his own cost as well as the said parsonage in `tyling, dawbyng and thatchinge'. The said Humphrey agreed to find a priest to serve the cure at his own cost, or else to serve it himself, and was not to resign without the consent of the said Ralph and his heirs. The said Ralph also agreed not to sell, give or grant during the said term any woods, or to cut down any timber belonging to the said parsonage except for necessary hedging, repairs or building to be done on the said property. 4 February, 1 and 2 Philip and Mary [1555]. Signed: per me Humfridum Weryng. Seal and tag missing. Endorsed: 1. [In a late 16th century hand] Lease inter Weringe et Brome of the personage of Wytnashe 2. [In the hand of Edward Ferrers c.1630] Waringe lease to Reginald Brome and Raffe Brome of the personage of Whitnash 1629 1554 75 [69]