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Legal cases: Archer of Tanworth


Packet of papers concerning a Chancery Case between Sir Simon Archer and Charles and Thomas Waring and others. Case Sir Simon Archer v. Charles Waring, Thomas Waring, Richard Bach, John Anderton, Anne Poole, widow re chief rents arising from lands called Cheswickes or Broughton Cheswickes in Tanworth which were in respective ownerships of Gower and Waring families, paying 3s 4d per moiety. Defendants have erected hedges on these and other their lands, defeating ancient boundaries so that Archer no longer knows which lands form part of Cheswick estate and which other lands on which chief rents also paid. Judgement by agreement 18 May 1642 that Waring to set out 20 acres which they admit to be Broughtons Cheswicke form which 3s 4d chief rent may be claimed. Court does not pronounce on whether lands held by that rent - left to Common Law. Evidence given in Chancery of witnesses who die or are unable to travel allowed to be admitted at Common Law. Contents: Draft Bill of Sir Simon Archer, 1640 Replication of Sir Simon Archer, plaintiff to the several answers of the defendants, 1640 Brief comprising Summary of Bill Summary of defts. Answers Proofs ex parte plaintiff Proofs ex parte defts The case briefly 3 copies part of a 4th 18 May 1642 Order in Chancery as above 24 Sept 1642 Depositions ex parte plaintiff and defendants, taken at Henley in Arden by commission N.d. Draft acknowledgement, for the signature of Widow Bache, widow of William concerning Archer's right to a heriot of the best beast. His returning same in view of her poverty is not to affect his right. 11 Nov 1531 IPM of Thomas Waring, gent. [copy c.1640]