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Wills and inventories: Archer of Tanworth


Will of Alice Archer, wife of Richard. Soul to God and body to be buried in church of St. Edmund, Stotfold [Statfold, Staffs.] Gives to church a parcel of land called Phatlow [?Pathlow] in Warwickshire, towards repair of said church at the discretion of Richard Archer her husband. To church of Stotfold a parcel of land in town of Stotfold called Balleground as abovesaid. To Nicholas Cornett, parcell of meadow lying under Dersthill for his life and then to church of Stotfold. Piece of meadow called Haselor-meadow to church of Stotfold. To Amera (?) Marschall one burgage in Tanworth for life and then to church of Stotfold. by will of husband who has full power over all her goods and possessions within kingdom of England. Manor of Stotfold to be sold for best price and money raised to be disposed of according to best wishes for Richard et al for repair of church and perpetual curate to pray for souls of self and ancestors and descendants. Individual bequests: Roger Deyst[er], one cow; Elizabeth Clare and her sone, one cow; John Raynold, 1 cow; Armyntrwe de Stoke, one silver cup; Geoffrey Croft, one yoke plough oxen; John Stoke 6/8; Joyce Dorlaston, 6/8 and pair of beads of [?lambys] To the 2 daughters of Roger Clare, one cow between them. Robert Wydlore 20/- ; Philip Bott 20/-; Roger Walker, one brass [?bushel] [mortar and pestle]. To the Abbey of Polesworth 20/-; to the brothers of Atherstone 20/-; to the brothers of Lichfield 20/- To Richard Spencer, 6/- item 1 silver cup and to make with a church chalice 2 new chalices to stand in the said church in perpetuity after the death of husband. Residue of goods to husband Richard Archer and Richard Brasebrigg and William Dawe, rector of Thorpe who executors. Supervisors: Thomas Erdynton and Dame Duffeld. Witnesses: Richard Archer of Statfold, Richard Brasebrigg of Kymesbury and Thomas Herdynton of the same and Dame [sic] Duffeld, chaplain of Tamworth.