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Wills and inventories: Archer of Tanworth


Copy probate copy (28 Nov 1586) Will of George Bott of Shirley. To be buried in Church of Solihull. To cosen Martin Bott and his heirs: part of his dwelling house in Shirley, viz: one kitchen, 2 sellers or upper chambers and one chamber in the 'nether ende of the house'. Also lease of lands held of Richard Middlemore esq. with reservation of barn, cowhouse, barnyard and 1 croft to testator's wife for life at 10/- p.a. to Martin. Also to Martin Bott 1 croft with appurtenances at Bishopsgate, Coventry: 3/4 interest of lease of grounds called Willmcottes equally with testator's wife; £25 to 20 poorest householders in Whitlock End, Solihull; 20/- p.a. Viz: 12d yearly payable from lands behind Dirham's house in testator's occupation lately purchased of Ed[wards] To be paid week before Easter and week before Christmas. Trustees of same to be Thomas Bache, John Law of Shirley and William Lindon of Kingsnorton with churchwardens and constable of Solihull. To cousin George Bott, £20 payable by testator's wife Margery; to testator's sister Agnes Dunton 20/- and to each of her children 6/8d and to every one of their children 12d; To sister Alice Acocke, 40/- To cousin William Acocke best silver goblet; To each of late sister Bowater's children 6/8d and to each of their children 12d., To each of sister Pemerton's children 6/8d and to their children 12d. To Elinor Boyce 20/-; To cousin Thomas Bott, sadler, £5 and lease of house he lives in; To Ann, one of daughters of Humphrey Bott, 6/8d; To Joan Smith, widow, of Moor Street, Birmingham, 10/-; To John Coppocke of the same 10/- To George Harding, son of John, £3.6s.8d at 'age of discrecion'; To Alice Groves testator's servant, 40/-. To cousin Mary, sister of Isabell Walton, 20/-; To sister-in-law Agnes Bott, 10/-; To Margery Newey, £40 after death of testator's wife; To Simon Wignoll, £3.6s.8d; To William Newey of Oley Pittes, £3.6s.8d; To William Newey of Sutton, £3.6s.8d; To William Bucknoll, 40s.; William Clifton, £20; to Cousin Thomas Holmes of Yardley £3.6s.8d; to Jane his daughter £10; to 2 daughters of cousin John Bottes of Hook Norton, 20/- each; to Richard Twist's children 13s 4d equally; To Thomas Gilbanke, 10/-; To William Cottrell the aleman's children, 10/- equally; To each maiden and maid servant dwelling 'in this streete of Sherley' at testator's decease 3/4d. To each godchild 3/4d; to every householder "within this streete" 20s; To Mary Butler 5/-; To John Coshinge 5/-; to one Butler of ? Wedon, 6/8d; to Anges wife of Bishampton 10/-; to Richard Leathers' wife, 10/-; to Thomas Bott of Potters Cotton, 10/-; to Ambrose, dwelling at Bishopsgate, Coventry, 10/-; to William Sikley 5/-; to William Lindon of Gosshawe 50/- and 10/- to the use of Gosshawe chapel. To Mr. Thomas Saunders of Coventry 2/6d; To Mr. Bond of Coventry 2/-; to John Rowley of Coventry 2/-; To cousin Anne Coningworth 20/-; To cousin Elizabeth Simondes 20/- and to each of her children 12d. To Thomas Ashton 40/-; to cousin Anne 'the schoole masters wiefe of Coventry' 10/- and 12d to each child; to William Payne of Sheldon 10/-; to the poor of Yardley £4.10s. To the poor of Sheldon 20/- and the poor of Bicknell 20/-; Hampton in Arden 20/-; Tanworth 20/-; Kingsnorton 20/- to be distributed by executrix and 2 representatives of each parish. To Rafe Bott, son of Martin, £40 and one sealed bedstead and fittings, best iron bound wain, ox harrow, best brass pott, best kettle, best silver cupp, best silver spoon, signet gold ringe and one table board with frame - all at age of discretion. To said Ralphe after death of testator's wife all free lands and hereditaments with appurtenances in Solihull, Yardley, Tanworth, except house and garden in Tanworth in occupation one Gossage and one other house and ground in occupation Dirham, one house and backside in Shirley in testator's occupation. To Ralph and heirs male with remainder to next heir of martin with successive remainders to Thomas Bott of Birmingham, and George Bott the younger. To George Bott, son of Thomas of Birmingham, house and gardens in occupation Gossage; to William Acocke for one month, house and backside in testator's occupation lying next above entry of his dwelling house, which was a barn and after one month to George [Bott] and Ann his wife for their lives then to heirs male of George with remainder to right heirs of Martin Bott. To Thomas Walton of Whitlock and Isabell his wife and the heirs male of Isabell, house and grounds in occupation Dirham. Henrie Hugford to be guardian of Ralphe Bott after death of testator's wife until of full age. To Robert Higginson 10/-; to George Connyworth 10/-; to John Lawe 6/8d; to William Wilson, testator's man servant, £6.13s.4d; to Richard Harding, one of children of John Harding 20/- to be invested by wife and overseers until age of discretion. To Mary Harding 10/- and 20/- each to four other children of Thomas Bott of Birmingham, excepting George. To Richard Acocke, son of William, third silver spoon; to Mary Acock 10/-; to cousin Thomas Ashton 2nd silver bowl 'not guilte', but his mother-in-law Ann Connyworth to have use of it for her life; to Isabell Holmes, daughter of Thomas Holmes, 40/-; to cousin Elizabeth Holmes, widow, 10/-; to each of her children except Thomas 12d; to cousin John Smith of Sheldon 13/4d; to each child of cousin John King 12d; to daughter of cousin Roger King the younger, 2/-; to Henry Hugford the younger 'my newe upright double gilte silver bowle'. To Mr. Thomas Dabridgecourt esq. my gelding 'wch he hath'. To Mr. Hugford the elder 10/-. Wife sole executrix. Overseers: Thomas Dabridgecourt esq., Henry Hugford the younger, William Acocke. In addition To Anne one of daughters of Thomas Horton of Sixe Ways, 50/- to buy a cowe; Thomas Walton 20/- Witnesses: Henry Hugford the younger, William Acocke. 27 Sept 1586 Codicil Changes 20/- p.a. bequest to poor of Whitlocks End to £3 p.a. payable during term of lease held of William Clarke in lands in Balsall. 20/- p.a. from same premises to 20 poor householders in Solihull. William Acocke to have £20 of £40 bequest to Ralph Bott for 5 years paying 20/- p.a. for it and William Lindon to have other £20 on same terms. Incomplete