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Wills and inventories: Archer of Tanworth


Holograph will of Simon Archer of Tanworth, Knight. No specific request re burial place. Recites deed of trust executed 1 March 1635/6 in re houses and lands in Tanworth, Packwood, Nuthurst, Hampton-in-Arden, Ullenhall, Wootton Wawen, Beaudesert, Henley-in-Arden to trustees Thomas Rous esq., James Enyon, esq., and Richard Archer esq. and bequeaths from rents and profits pound;1500 to second daughter Penelope Archer at 21 or marriage; pound;1000 to youngest son Humfrey Archer at 21. Residue of income from estates to eldest surviving son Thomas Archer or his heirs. If Thomas die before father without issue then next sons to take his share and forfeit their own. Manor of Solihull and other leasehold lands in Warwickshire not included in Trust deed to eldest son John [not altered] except terms in deed 13 April 1632 to increase the jointure of testator's wife Anne, which he limits to his right heirs after both their deceases, the trustees to make due release thereof. To eldest son Thomas or his heirs: 2 old gilt silver cream bowls, one with a cover with the Raleigh arms; little stone jug with gilt cover, great old brass pot containing 30 gallons; all books, except those bequeathed to wife as heirlooms. To his wife all those books in her closet and others accounted hers, all her clothes, jewels and rings, her cupboard of plate which stands in her chamber and 2 great bowls 'which I had with her after I was maryed unto her'. To poor of Tanworth pound;10, Solihull pound;5; Henley pound;10, Ullenhall pound;3, Nuthurst pound;1, Beaudesert pound;1. To all servants at time of decease, 1 years wages. Residue of household goods and chattels to children, except eldest son, to be divided by wife during life or by her will, she to have life use or until remarriage when to give bond to trustees for redelivery or value in money. Wife executrix if she give bond. If not, executors are brother-in-law Thomas Rous, cousin James Enyon and brother Richard Archer and son Thomas Archer to whom pound;5 each. Signed on each page Sy: Archer. Witnesses: Richard Archer, Rowland Archer, Robert Walter, John Reynoldes, Thomas Roberts. Note: The will was altered some time after when the bequests to John were changed to Thomas and provisions for a marriage portion to daughter Ann revoked. John Archer dvp 1643 and Ann married Philip Young of Salop. in