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Wills and inventories: Archer of Tanworth


Copy will of Ann Sheppard, Oldton End, Solihull, widow. To Rev. Jonathan Carpenter, Rector of Sheldon, all messuages lands etc. in Solihull and Bickenhill in trust until testator's granddaughter Jane Ann Eleanor Harris is 21 or marries, paying therefrom annuity to Sarah Woolly of Solihull, spinster, and residue of income towards maintenance of granddaughter. At 21 or marriage, subject to continuance of annuity, to convey to said granddaughter. If she die before 21 unmarried then to use of testator's aunt Elizabeth Fisher for life with remainder to heirs of great uncle William Doley, late of West Chester, merchant, deceased. Recites marriage settlement 20/21 May 1690 of her parents Thomas Doley, Solihull and Elizabeth Palmer the same whereby her father covenanted to purchase lands to value £40 p.a. or settle £1000 for same trusts. Money never spent but lands settled above worth more, so if heirs of William Doley succeed they are to release executors of £1000. If refuse, then trustees not to convey land but to sell and apply money: £1000 added to personal estate and residue to heirs of William Doley. Lands and premises in Tanworth, Nuthurst and Beaudesert to Rev. Jonathan Carpenter as above in trust to sell and repay encumbrances. Residue of personal estate : to wife and each child of said Rev. Jonathan Carpenter £10; £150 to be spent on purchase of set of communion plate, pulpit cloth and cushion for Solihull. To friend Ann Crisp, New Hall, Birmingham, spinster, £500 and picture of testator; to cousin Benjamin Palmer of Oldton End, £20 and 12 pair silver handled knives and forks in a case and picture of testator's mother; To Miss Martha Greswold of Solihull, £20 and picture of 'my late uncle Palmer'; To Rev.Sir Philip Hoby of Somerley, Hants., bart., £10.10s. Od to buy a ring; to Rev. John Brown, Master of University College, Oxon., £20; to Alicia Cox, Worcester, spinster, £30 and small pictures in bedchamber. To Samuel Crisp, brother of Ann, £5.5s.Od; to Joseph Blick, London, limner, 5 guineas; to Miss Bourne, daughter of Rev. Mr. Robert Bourne, late Prebendary of Worcester, deceased, all china except that in common use: to chief servant £10 and £5 to all other servants. To son-in-law William Harries, £10 for mourning To tenant Thomas Brookes, Oldton End, 1 years rent; to tenant Henry Matthews £10 arrears of rent. Residue personal estate to trustee for maintenance of granddaughter during minority then to her at 21 or marriage except £300 bequeathed to said trustee and executor. If granddaughter die before 21 unmarried, then all to Rev. Jonathan Carpenter. Executor: Rev. Jonathan Carpenter. Witnesses: Anne Blithe, Elizabeth Harrison, Samuel Butler, John Rogers.