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Stratford-upon-Avon: Guild of the Holy Cross: Masters' and proctors' accounts


View of Account of William Beoley and John Wesley, Proctors of the Guild of the Holy Cross, the Blessed Mary, and St. John the Baptist, from the morrow of Feast of the Translation of St. Thomas the Martyr in the ... year of the reign of Henry Sixth after the Conquest to ... (not dated) The Account is rendered under the following headings [Arrears.] Rents. £6 12s 8d beyond the rents assigned to the Chaplains of the Guild [Light-silver.] (Received from the Brethren and Sisters entering the Guild this year) [Wax received.] Delivery of moneys. (The salary of one of the Chaplains; 8s 1d to the Chief Bailiff for the chief rent this year, 4s 6d thereof being for chapel "cum manso," and the gardens, c.) Allowances of rents. (20d the rent of the House of the Blessed Mary in "le Oldetown," because it lies in decay; c Cost of the houses. (4d paid to a carpenter for making a "hovell" to keep sand in next the "Soolehown"; 1d for a key for the same; 10d for a quarter of "charecole" bought for the counting-house by command of the Master; 12d for iron for two chains to fasten two "torchetos," one at the Altar of the Blessed Mary and the other at the Altar of St. John the Baptist, in the Church of Stratford, and for making the same chains; 4d for beer bought for the counting-house on four occasions; 7d for 1 lb. of wax bought for Thomas Kynby, a poor man of the Almshouses; 1d for making the same [into candles]; 4d for part of a "wyndyngshete" bought for the said Thomas; 1d for the offering; 1d for making the grave; 2d for beer given to those watching and guarding the body through the night; 1d for bran for keeping the dishes of "pewtor" in, c Expenses [in the Hall.] (Expenses incurred in the Hall on Sunday next after the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross in the purchase of corn, beer, meats, c.; 8 gallons of good beer, at 1½d a gallon; 6 gallons of "kydale" 6d; c.) Likewise expenses in the Hall. (Expenses incurred at the entertainment of Thomas Burdet, William Smyzth and others in the Hall on Saturday next before ...; 200 oysters, 8d; 13d for herrings red and white; 7d for salmon; 7d for stokflech; a payment for sols, c.) Likewise expenses in the Hall. (Expenses incurred in the Hall on Sunday next before the Feast of St. Lawrence the Martyr, in the entertainment of Thomas Burdet, "Survyour" of the Earl (Comit') of Warwick, John Wodd, Donynton ((P) Surveyor of Donynton.) of Coventry, William Smyzth, Rector of Whyttechurch, the Master and Aldermen, and others, for bread, beer, meats, the pay of the cook and "turnebroohis"; c.) Expenses of the Feast, with sub-headings of Corn, Malt, Calves, Sheep and Pigs, Geese and Pullets, Milk and Butter, c Part of the beer is brewed from malt bought for the purpose, and part of it is bought from two women brewers. Three quarters of malt, one quarter oats, and three bushels barley are bought for the geese, of which 270 were purchased at 2½d a head for the feast; 72 pullets were bought, 60 at 1½d each and 12 at 1d; 4d was spent in corn for the pullets, and 2s in riding into the country for four days collecting them and the geese Under the heading of Calves, c., there is one item of 3s for "tyttelyng," and another of 2s 6d for "maribons." Thirty-two gallons of milk and 1350 eggs were used. 20d was paid to one Stanford for doing divers things necessary for the Feast, and for his daughter keeping the geese. 16d was paid to John Tolote, miller, for grinding 7 qrs. of malt without toll. Amongst the payments for spices is 6d for 2¼ ounces of sugar, and 9d for dates. The fuel is under the items of "bruche kyddys," "asshynkyddys," "focalia," and "charcole." Under the heading "Pay of the Cooks and their servants" are the following items:--"In the pay of Thomas Brydder, Cook, 2s, and in the pay of his office of Cook, 2s"; 12d to William Coke, of Preston; 20d to Thomkyns, Cook, of Wolverton; 12d to William Howdy Cook; 12d to Simon Hall, "Pastelor"; 18d to Robert "Pasteler and Bulter"; 4d for 2 "Turners" for 2 days; 4d for an assistant for the cooks for 2 days in the kitchen; 12d to two women washing the dishes for three days; 4d to another woman washing the dishes for 2 days; 3d to the doorkeeper; 4d paid for carrying the beer to the Hall; 2d for carrying "le charcole" to the Hall, and 4d for carrying the fuel and the forms to the Hall; 4s paid for washing "de la napry" for the year; 2s for killing 10 calves, 3 sheep, and one "tydlying" for the Feast Cost of the light. (5 lbs. of wax bought to make candles to burn before the High Cross in the Church of Stratforde; 1 lb. of wax. for Thomas Dynby; wine for the Chaplains, c.) Two membranes