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Todenham papers


Draft release by way of marriage settlement: James Harris, Upper Leamington, Todenham, yeoman (1), Ann Harris, the same, widow of William and mother of James; Congrave Harris, Swell, Glos., yeoman (brother of James)(2), William Baker, Sutton-under-Brailes, gent. and Sarah Baker, spinster, his daughter(3), William Baker the younger, Brailes and Thomas Davis, Little Compton, Glos., gent. (4) [Trustees]. William Harris, by will 29 March 1797, left real estate in Todenham and Bloxham to trustees John Harbidge and said Thomas Davis in trust until son James 21, when valuation to be made; James to have 5/9, Congrave 4/9. Subject to annuity of £30 to wife Ann. James and Congrave, both of age and valuation of estate agreed on: James has paid Congrave value of his share and Congrave has secured his moiety of annuity to mother and both he and she discharge real estate of charges. Marriage intended between James and Sarah and in consideration of £1000 marriage portion he transfers estate at Todenham to trustees in trust for self, wife and issue in tail male.