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Bracebridge and Sadler families


Draft will of Samuel Bracebridge of Atherston, gent., with the following bequests: i) the four hall closes lying on each side of the Hall lane which he lately bought of Sebright Repington, esq., to Abraham Bracebridge during his life an dhten to Samuel Bracebridge, son of Abraham, for life, then to the use of the heirs make of the said Smauel, to their own use, or to let the same for £10 yearly to the use of the chapel at Atherstone ii) all his houses, lands, tenements, royalties and chief rents in Ibstocke and Overton and the Heath, Leicestershire, to his son Thomas Bracebridge with remiander to his younger children or, in default to his right heirs iii) all his houses, lands tenements in Sweston, to Samuel Bracebridge, on condition that he give Samuel Butler the sum of £ [blank], and £60 to the daughters of his son Samuel Butler, when they come of age iv) all his messuages with closes of land in Stretton in the field which he lately purchased of Mr Samuel Staples of Nottingham for £400, with £560 still owing to his daughter Martha Blore for her life, and afterwards to he rhusband William BLore, ot be divided between their children v) £100 to his son Samuel Bracebridge 'as he is bound to do' vi) sundry minor bequests to members of his family