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Falcon Hotel, Stratford-upon-Avon


Attested copies of a lease and release, the release dated 19 April 1832, being a settlement made previous to the marriage of the Rev. William Barrett of Stratford-upon-Avon, clerk, and Catherine Warrilow of same place, spinster (only sister and heiress of Maria Warrilow, spinster who died intestate, which said Catherine and Maria were the two daughters of Austin Warrilow, deceased, by Dinah his wife) whereby William Chattaway, theretofore of Stratford-upon-Avon, but then of Arrow, banker, and Joseph Warrilow of Stratford-upon-Avon, joiner, with the consent of the said Dinah and Catherine Warrilow conveyed to William Warrilow of Stratford-upon-Avon, writing master, of, first, a newly erected messuage with appurtenances in College Street in the parish of Old Stratford then in the occupation of Mrs. Parkes, the site whereof contained 69 square yards and then lately formed part of the College Paddock, together with a four footway leading to Bull Lane. Also a messuage (theretofore two messuages) in Chapel Street bounded on the north by a messuage theretofore occupied by William Halford, afterwards by John Sharp and since rebuilt and occupied by William Oakes Hunt, esq., and on the south by the Falcon Inn, theretofore occupied by Robert Ashfield, deceased, and then by John Ashfield, his son, which said messuage in Chapel Street was theretofore considerably altered by Henry Roberts and occupied by him and afterwards by Austin Warrilow successively and then by Dinah Warrilow, also a piece of enclosed garden ground containing about threequarters of an acre, lying on the west side of the said messuage, then also in the occupation of Dinah Warrilow, to hold the same to such uses as the same were then held (see ER60/14) until the solemnisation of the said marriage and thereafter to the use of the said Dinah for her life and thereafter as to and concerning the premises in College Street to the use of William Chattaway and Joseph Warrilow during the life of the said Catherine upon trust for the separate use of the said Catherine and thereafter to the use of the said William Barrett if he should survive, for his life, and thereafter to the children of the said intended marriage equally if more than one, and if one, to that one, with remainder to the heirs of the survivor of the said Catherine and William Barrett and as to and concerning the premises in Chapel Street (after the death of the said Dinah) to such uses as the said Catherine and William should by deed or will appoint either jointly or as survivor, and in default of such appointment to the survivor for life with remainders as above. Signed by the parties: Witness: Robert Bell Wheler. Memorandum dated 2 August 1851 that the premises in Chapel Street had been sold by the said William Barrett to John Ashfield. Attested 8 August 1851. 5 f. Lease dated 18 April by William Chattaway, Joseph Warrilow with the consent of Dinah Warrilow and Catherine Warrilow to William Warrilow of same premises for one year. Signed and witnessed as before.