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Baddesley Clinton


Quitclaim from Ledet of Baddesle widow to James de Clynton', lord of Baddesle Clynton', of one croft in Baddesle next to Risenbrugg' together with all right and interest in her lands, tenements and rents in Baddesle, saving her dower from lands held by Thomas de la le and Alice his wife, and from lands held by Walter de Freynous and Alice his wife; the said croft lying between the highway on the one hand and the land of Robert Pipard on the other. The said James to hold the said lands and rents freely without any impediment. Consideration: 1 mark and one quarter of corn `quarterium frumenti'. Sealing clause. Witnesses: Master John Borgilun, rector of Baddesle, John de Pesham, Thomas de la le, William le Freyn', Nicholas de Baddesle, Robert Russel, Peter de Porta de Warr', Roger coco de Baddesle and many others. Undated: c 1300 Endorsed: [In a 16th century hand] De prato iuxta Ryssenbyrg' [12]