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Baddesley Clinton


Gift from Adam Ledet of Baddesleie and Matilda his wife to John de Bruly of Cocton' [Coughton], of a capital messuage in Baddesl' with a garden, vinery, meadow, pasture, croft and all other appurtenances. Also one field called Lidwatescroft extending in length from the land of Robert Pypard as far as the land formerly held by James de Byseg, and in breadth between la longe lone and the land of Richard de Beleie, with hedges, ditches, commons and all other easements pertaining to the said land. Also one field called Lindhurste with moorland belonging to it lying in breadth between the land of Robert Pypard and the demesne land of Baddesl', and in length from the land of Robert Pypard as far as the land of Richard de Beleie. Also the rents and services of all the tenements of the said Adam in Baddesl' without any reservation. The said John to hold the same freely rendering annually two cloves at Christmas in lieu of all service, and rendering service due to the chief lord of the fee. Warranty clause against men and women. Consideration: 16 marks. Sealing clause. Witnesses: Sir Peter de Monteforti, Sir William de Arderna, Sir John Peche, Richard de Wroxhulle, Walter de Winterton', John Burgilun, John de Pessam and others. Undated: c. Trinity Term 3 Edward I [1275], Warwickshire Feet of Fines, vol. I. 922. Seal on tag, a pointed oval of green wax, incomplete. A pheasant. + [?] S'ADE... Endorsed: 1. [In a 15th century hand] Fin leue 2. [In a 16th century hand] Wales rente [52/28]