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Wills and testamentary papers


Copy will of William Hicks of Stratford-upon-Avon, gent. Devises all lands and premises in Birmingham, Moseley, Wake Green, Kings Norton, Harborne and Smethwick to which has title by marriage settlement and in which wife has life interests including £50 annuity to brother John Hicks and kinsman William Hicks, both of Birmingham, IN TRUST after decease of testator's wife Mary to sell, pay debts including £600 mortgage and in default of any issue Half equally between testator's mother Elizabeth Hicks, brother John and sisters Jane and Elizabeth Hicks. Half equally between sons and daughters of William, Thomas Gregory and Christopher Hicks, who are nephews of late father-in-law, Richard Hicks, gent. £50 to William Hicks, trustee £20 to wife Mary All household goods, furniture, monies etc. and personal estate equally between mother, brother and sisters. John Hicks and William Hicks executors. Witnesses: Charles H. Hunt, William Penn, Samuel Oliver Hunt. Codicil 15 December 1787 Revokes bequest to Robert Hicks (son of Thomas) and gives his share to John and William Hicks, his trustees, to pay interest to the said Robert Hicks for life and then to his wife for life. After their death principal to be divided among children of Robert Hicks. Memorandum 30 January 1788 Horse to William Hicks of Digbeth. £10 to William Hicks of which £6 for use of daughter of Robert Hicks apprenticed to milliners £4 for benefit of rest of family.