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Wills and testamentary papers


Copy will William Gibbs the elder, Ditchford, Blockley, Worcs., farmer. To eldest son, William Gibbs, Ditchford: house and farm at Stretton-on-Fosse (formerly 3 yard lands lately enclosed) in the tenure of testator's son-in-law George Yeats. Absolutely, but charged with payment of legacies. : stock, cattle and crops on farm at Ditchford in the occupation of William Gibbs junior. : household goods (except specific bequests). To son Edmund Gibbs: £100 - he having already received his share. To daughter Hannah Richardson, wife of Arthur: £150. To son Samuel Gibbs: £150. To grandsons William (2) sons of Edmund and and John: £15 each. To sons: £150 in trust for daughter Mary Yeats, wife of George, for life and then to George Yeats for life. Remainder to children [similar legacy of £200 payable from residuary estate]. To sons: £150 (and £200 from residuary estate) in trust for daughter Elizabeth Simmonds, wife of Thomas, for life and then to her children. To son William Gibbs: lease of farm at Todenham rented from Mr. John Hodgkins. Residue of personal estate to son William, charged with payment of legacies: To son Edmund: £150 To daughter Hannah Richardson: £200 To son Samuel: £500 To grandson Edmund, son of William: £50. To daughter Mary Yeats interest on £200 each To daughter Elizabeth Simmonds interest on £200 each Executors: sons William, John and Samuel. Witnesses: Francis Findon, Ann Findon, George Nall. Codicil : 15 May 1802 To son William: land in Stretton, formerly site of malthouse, lately purchased from Francis Findon, Shipston, gent., and John Edkins, London, gent. To daughter Elizabeth Simmonds: 2 cottages lately purchased for life, then to her son Thomas Simmonds. To sons Edmund and Samuel: Bond debt of £100 due from Dr. Moss of Stowe. Witnesses: John Dyer, Mary Evins, Henry Yeats.