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Wills and testamentary papers


Will of Malachy Lester of Toddenham, Glos., gent. (Probate copy). (1) To wife Katherine: use of all plate, bedding, linen and household goods for life or widowhood. Not to be sold. After death or second marriage, to testator's children according to disposition of widow, but in case of re-marriage or no such disposition, then equally between children. (2) To eldest son, Malachy Lester a) all plowes, carts, waggons, harness and other implements of husbandry b) ¾ yard land in Toddenham lately enclosed and held by lease from William, Lord Petre. c) Messuage with appurtenances in Toddenham, one yard land, 5 closes called Three Mill Slades, Grayton and Water Way after the death of testator's widow. All which are held by lease from William, Lord Petre. (3) To brother-in-law Robert Gardner of Adderbury, Oxon., gent., and Richard Crick of Adderbury, yeoman all cattle, corn, grain and hay in trust to sell, pay debts, and fulfill following: (i) Son Robert Lester to be apprenticed and £200 at completion of apprenticeship (ii) £200 each to daughters Ann and Hester at 21 or marriage with consent. If Robert, Ann or Hester die, share divided among survivors. During minorities each to receive maintenance at discretion of Katherine, not exceeding £8 p.a. If Ann or Hester marry without consent - legacy void. (4) To Gardner and Crick: all lands, premises, rents and reversions in Tidmington for 200 years In Trust (i) To sell as much as necessary to make up any deficit in payment of debts and legacies from sale of stock. (ii) After payment of debts and legacies, to benefit of son Malachy unless Malachy discharges debts and legacies in which case to him absolutely. (5) £5 each to trustees (6) Residue to son Malachy and wife Katherine, joint executors. Proved at Peculiar Court of Canterbury, 18 July 1683.