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Ilmington papers


Abstract of the title of William Horniblow of Shipston-on-Stour, surgeon, to an estate at Ilmington, purchased by Josiah Southam of Ilmington, woolman, of Richard Etheridge and devised by John Southam to his three sons, reciting: 7 October 1684, no. ER12/47/14 2 February 1698/9, no. ER12/47/6. 13 and 14 March 1698/9; nos. ER12/47/2-3. 15 March 1698/9; no. ER12/47/4. 29 June 1700: assignment of mortgage from William Montague to Fulke Lord Brooke and Francis Grevile, Esquire, his son and heir apparent. 19 February 1703/4; no. ER12/47/7. 30 April and 1 May 1704; nos. ER12/47/8-9. 6 February 1705; reconveyance from Fulke Lord Brooke and Francis Grevile to Josiah Southam 28 March 1705; release from Richard Etheridge to Josiah Southam. 21 and 23 March 1729; nos. ER12/47/10-11. 6 and 7 November 1730; nos. ER12/10/12-13. 8 June 1737; will of Josiah Southam, citizen and distiller of London, leaving his property in Ilmington to his mother, Alice Southam, and his other real and personal estate to his wife, Sarah Southam. 20 May 1754; will of Alice Southam of Warwick, widow, leaving her estate at Ilmington to John Southam (son of John Southam late of Loxley). 18 February 1780; will of John Southam of Ilmington, yeoman, with bequests to: His son, John Southam His grandson, John (son of John) Southam His grand-daughter Ann (daughter of John) Southam His grand-daughter Elizabeth (daughter of John) Southam His son, William Southam His son, Thomas Southam His wife, Elizabeth Southam His daughter, Mary Tomes His daughter, Elizabeth Southam