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Whichford papers


Draft conveyance by lease and release (lease missing) from William Baker of Sutton-under-Brailes, gentleman, and Richard Baker of the same, gentleman, (his son), with the consent of Joseph Hiron of Woodhills in Todenham, co. Glos., servant (eldest son and heir of Thomas Hiron, late of Sutton-under-Brailes, yeoman, eldest son and heir of Thomas Hiron of the same, yeoman, by Ann his wife, formerly Ann Slatter) and Jane Hiron of Sutton-under-Brailes, widow and administratrix of Thomas Hiron, deceased, to William Webb of Whichford, yeoman, for £216 (£64.13s.8d paid to William Baker to discharge the mortgage of 11 June 1794, £39.5s.0d to Joseph Hiron, and £112.1s.4d to William Baker and Richard Baker to manage as trustees for the benefit of Joseph Hiron's issue) of a plot of land in Stourton containing 2a 1r 9p, awarded at the inclosure to Joseph Hiron in lieu of the moiety of a half yardland referred to below, and another plot containing 2r 2p, awarded in lieu of the land bequeathed to Thomas Hiron by Thomas Holtom (see below). With assignment of a term of years created by a mortgage of 11 June 1794, to Richard Day of Cherington, tanner, in trust to attend the freehold. With the following recitals: 11 June 1794: mortgage from Thomas Hiron (the father) and Elizabeth then his wife, to William Baker, of a moiety of a half yardland in Stourton, to secure £60. 27 Oct 1789: will of Thomas Holtom of - - - -, painter leaving a mortgage owing to him on premises in Stourton to his nephew, Thomas Hiron and his issue together with land in Stourton purchased of Jonas Leek. 12 13 Aug 1814: mortgage by lease and release of a plot of land in Stourton from Thomas Hiron (the son) to William and Richard Baker to secure the repayment of the said £60 and to secure to his issue money obtained under his uncle's will. cf. ER12/12/34