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Barton-on-the-Heath papers


Draft release, 10 August 1804, from Mary Sands of Barton-on-the-Heath, spinster, sister and heiress-at-law of William Sands, late of the same, deceased, of the one part, to Francis Penyston of Cornwall, co. Oxford, Esquire, Reverend William Aldington of Todenham, Glos., and Richard Davis late of Bourton-on-the-Hill, Glos., but now of Halford, gentleman, of the other part. Premises Inn known as Wheelbarrow Castle in Barton; barn known as Lower House; 12 acres of land being 4 closes, all in Barton. Upon trust to fulfill the terms of the will of William Sands. Reciting 9 10 June 1788 Lease and release from John Mace of Taston, Oxon., blacksmith, and Sarah his wife; Thomas Thomas of Leonard Stanley, Glos., gentleman and Mary his wife; William Mace of Taston, blacksmith and Elizabeth his wife; John Sturdy of Dean, Oxon., mason, and Ann his wife; Thomas Mace of Dean, blacksmith; William Mace of Little Compton, Glos., blacksmith and Mary his wife; Edward Mace of Little Compton, tailor, and Sarah his wife and James Mace of Little Compton, blacksmith. All devisees under the will of Ann Dale of Leonard Stanley, widow, deceased, to William Sands of Barton-on-the-heath for £500 of premises described above.