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Baddesley Clinton, Kingswood, Bishops Tachbrook, Oakley Wood, Packwood, Knowle, Rowington and Lapworth


Signed copy of the settlement made by Henry Ferrers of Baddesly Clynton esq. of the first part, Eleanor Peyto of Chesterton widow of William Peyto of Chesterton deceased of the second part, and Sir Richard Verney of Compton knt., William Fesse of Walton gent. and Devoreux Aston of ?Onlepp, co. Leicester gent. of the third part, previous to the marriage of Edward Ferrers, son and heir of the said Henry Ferrers, and Anne Peyto, eldest daughter of the said Eleanor, the said marriage to take place before the following Lady Day. The said Eleanor agreed to pay £1,150 to recover the manors of Baddesly Clinton, Kingswood and Tachbrooke and lands in the same together with lands in Ockley Wood, Packwood, Knoll, Rowington and Lapworth then in the hands of the following mortgagees Walter Gifford of Highone [High Onn], co. Stafford esq., Sir Thomas Beaufoe of Empescott [Emscote], knt., Clement Throckmorton esq. and Anthony Ludford of Rowington gent. by conveyance from Edward Cockayne esq. or Edward Murcott of Tachbrooke gent. and Thomas Wagstafe of Warr' gent. The said Henry was to recover the said property within the following six months and to convey the same to the said Sir Richard Verney, William Fesse and Devoreux Aston to hold to the following uses: a moiety of the manor house of Baddesly Clinton was to be held to the use of the said Henry Ferrers for the term of his life together with pasture for two geldings in summer and hay for the same in the winter. The said Henry was also to have fishing rights in the moat of the said manor house and fierboote from the manor for his own use. The other moiety of the said manor house with orchard, garden, hopiard, millyard, mill, mill pool, the Parke field, the Great Moyers, the Little Moyers, the Linte field, the Lodge field, the Church field, the Barne field, the Arbor field, the Oke field, the Cowpasture, the Hopiard meadow, the Newlande, the Greate Long field the Little Long field, the Parsons Hagg, the Four fields, the Greene field, the Chetwindes, the Gilbertes, the Mill field, the Mill meadow, the Walleis, the Deare meadow, the Rough meadow, the Blacke field, the Blacke meadow, the Great meadow, the Parke meadow and the wood called Heywood, together with the advowson of the church, free warren, View of Frankpledge and Court Baron with all other rights pertaining to the said manor and the reversion of the said moiety held by the said Henry Ferrers for the term of his life, was to be held to the use of the said Edward and Anne for their lives, with the right to cut timber on the same, and then to the male issue of the said Edward and Anne in turn up to the tenth son, or in default to be held for the eldest daughter of the said Edward and Anne for a dowry to the value of £3,000, or if there were more than one daughter until each had a dowry of £2,000, and then to the male heirs of the said Edward, or in default to the male heirs of the said Henry, or in default to the rightful heirs of the said Edward. The manors of Tachbrooke and Kingswood and lands in Packwood, Knoll, Rowington and Lapworth were to be held to the use of the said Edward, his heirs and assigns. 25 November 9 James I [1611]. Signed: Henry Ferrers, Elenor Peyto, Richard Verney, Will: Fesse. Schedule annexed of 31 leases, annuities and payment from the said manors and lands exempted from the marriage settlement containing names of the tenants and field names. Endorsed: 1. [In the hand of Edward Ferrers c.1630] The coppy of ye marriagg booke of Edward Ferrers. The Coppy of The marriagge booke Of Edward Ferrers In November 1611 with Anne The eldest daughter of William Peyto of Chesterton November 1611 2. [In a 19th century hand] The copy of the Marriage Book of Edward Ferrers 1611 with Anne eldest daughter of Will Peyto of Chesterton 3. [c.1839] 25th. November 1611 9th. Jas. 1st. Copy of the Settlement of Baddesley c. made on the marriage of Edward Ferrers with Ann Peyto. [99]

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    25 Nov 1611

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    United Kingdom - England - Warwickshire - Rowington,

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