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Wills and testamentary papers


Copy will of Thomas Edden, Blackwell, Tredington, gent. (1) Real estate in Darlingscote to trustees: brother-in-law Edward Hartwell, Blackwell, gent., Decimus Slatter, Ilmington, Michael Pettipher, Sibford, Oxon., Thomas Sabin, Shipston, gent. In Trust To : nephew Thomas Hartwell until his (Hartwell's) son Thomas Edden Hartwell is 25, then Annuity of £60 to Thomas Hartwell for life Remainder of profits to T.E. Hartwell for life. (2) Freehold estate at Stretton-on-Fosse, purchased of Bricknell to Trustees to use profits for education of grand nephew T.E. Hartwell until 21 then use for life. Then Rents and profits of the Darlingscott and Stretton estates to eldest son of T.E. Hartwell and successively in tail male. In default to any male issue of Thomas Hartwell the nephew by any second marriage. In default of any male issue of testator's late sister, mother of Thomas Hartwell, then remainder to eldest sons of any daughters of Thomas Hartwell in seniority. In default to male heir general in tail male. Copyhold estate at Blackwell and £1099.9s.6d 3 percnt; Consols to trustees For use of nephew Joseph Hartwell for life, then interest for eldest son of Joseph for life (less £20 annuity to any widow of said Joseph). Malthouse and cottages at Ilmington and £400 raised from Blackwell estates for education of any younger children of Joseph Hartwell until 21 then £400 between them. With Remainder to Thomas Edden Hartwell. £1000 to niece Mary Hartwell and interest from £1200 for life, then to her children at 21. All household goods to niece Mary except ½ linen to nieces Ann Gibbs and Elizabeth Hartwell. Interest on £1500 to niece Ann Gibbs [wife of Thomas] for life, then principal to her children. House at Darlingscott to Ann Gibbs for life, then to trustees on same trusts as Darlingscott estates. £150 to Robert Gibbs, second son of Ann. £150 to Joseph Gibbs, son of Ann. £200 to Mary Ann Gibbs, daughter of Ann. £1000 and interest on further £1000 to niece Elizabeth Hartwell with remainder to her children, principal at 21. £50 each to trustees; they discharge £1600 on Darlingscott estate from personal estate. £24 to poor of Tredington. 1st Codicil, 19 February 1803 £30 annuity to any widow of Thomas Edden Hartwell. Freehold premises at Moreton-in-Marsh to niece Mary Hartwell absolutely. 2nd Codicil, 13 March 1804 Replaces Michael Pettipher as Trustee, his son Thomas having married testator's niece Elizabeth. Appoints Thomas Roberts Junior of Paxford, Worcs., gent. Reduces legacies to nephews and nieces to increase provision for grand-nephew Thomas Edden Hartwell by £800. Revokes £1000 to Elizabeth Hartwell, having advanced £500 on her marriage to Michael Pettipher and entered into bond for other £500. 3rd Codicil, 24 October 1804 Revokes devise of malthouse and cottages at Ilmington in favour of Joseph, and devises to trustees for benefit of grand-nephew T.E. Hartwell. 4th Codicil, 21 February 1810 Livestock, stock, crops and implements (except household and dairy) to brother-in-law Edward Hartwell and grand-nephew Thomas Edden Hartwell equally. Life interest in parlour and the joiners room in house at Darlingscott to brother-in-law Edward and his daughter Mary, testator's niece, as long as she is unmarried. Further precuniary legacies to nieces and grand-nieces.

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