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Final Concord: Whichford, Ascot, Wimpstone, Whitchurch and Stretton on the Fosse


Final Concord levied Michaelmas 20 Charles II [1668] between John Lawrence, Richard Addams, John Tyms, and John Dyer quers:, John Bury and Ann, his wife, Thomas Bury and Rebecca, his wife, Josias Wilkins, Nathaniel Robins and Hannah, his wife, Susanna Wilkins and Richard Gibbs and Ann, his wife, Elizabeth Marshall, widow, Adam Edkins and Mary, his wife, Richard Holtham and Frances, his wife, Martha Wilkins, Kathrine Wilkins and Margery Wilkins defs: of a messuage, garden, 50 acres of land, 10 acres of meadow, 50 acres of pasture, 30 acres of waste and common rights in Whichford, Ascot, Wilmeston [Wimpstone], Whitchurch and Stretton upon Fosse. Consideration: £120.