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Pillow cover


Embroidered panels (5), c. 1600-1630. Five panels of white/cream linen described as 'pillow cover /beer', cut from a larger textile and now consisting of a smaller pillow case and 4 small panels. There are 2 small rectangular panels, 2 larger rectangular panels, originally one piece which have been loosely stitched to a linen backing so that they appear as one piece, and one rectangular panel which is now slightly curved at one corner. They are embroidered with a variety of floral motifs in red silk, the design including strawberries, acorns, peas, and various other fruits, stems and flowers. The panels are backed with cream/white linen.

  • Measurements

  • Length

    787.4 mm (original)
    558.8 mm (large panel )
    406.4 mm (small panels)
    558.8 mm (pillow case)

  • Width

    558.8 mm (original)
    406.4 mm (large panel )
    304.8 mm (small panels)
    406.4 mm (pillow case)

  • Credit line

    CC-BY-NC-ND Image Courtesy of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust