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Be Inspired: Shakespeare and Me

Dr. Claudia Ferradas: Educator of teachers of English in Argentina and former Academic Secretary at the Instituto de EnseƱanza Superior en Lenguas Vivas, Buenos Aires

'Shakespeare has been an inspiration for my students and myself to build bridges across cultures, to bring the beauty of language into our classes like a mantra, to marvel at the versatility of performance, to focus on issues that concern us all. When I invited students and colleagues to commemorate the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth, the response was so overwhelming that we ended up running a festival that spread over the whole year. With the passionate contribution of actors, scholars, and translators, the “Celebrating Shakespeare” festival brought us all together.'

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Dr Claudia Ferradas


Scroll down to see a Journal produced as a result of the festival

Image credit

Journal cover featuring a portrait of Shakespeare

By artist Hernán Flores

Journal editor Florencia Perduca, MA


Published by the Instituto de Enseñanza Superior en Lenguas Vivas ‘Juan Ramón Fernández’, Buenos Aires, Argentina
This Journal was published as a result of the ‘Celebrating Shakespeare’ project, Argentina. Hernán Flores kindly donated his artwork for their use.