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Saving Shakespeare's Birthplace

15. The legacy of the purchase

Slowly donations of Shakespearian books, documents and objects increased and visitor numbers rose. Then in 1866 management of the property was given to a body of trustees. The Act of Parliament incorporating the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust was passed in 1891.

Today the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust is still an independent charity, caring for the Birthplace and four other Shakespeare properties, as well as library, archive and museum collections. The legacy of events in 1847 can still be felt in Stratford-upon-Avon and around the world.



Shakespeare's Birthplace and the Shakespeare Centre, 1986

Photographed by Joe Cocks

Shakespeare's Birthplace continues to welcome visitors today. In 1964 the neighbouring Shakespeare Centre was built, housing the growing collections and providing improved facilities. It was intended to be a celebration of Shakespeare and commemorated the 400th anniversary of his birth. The Centre was extended in 1981.

Joe Cocks Studio Collection © Shakespeare Birthplace Trust