A Shakespeare Connected exhibition in collaboration with Helen Hopkins, Birmingham City University.

Shakespeare in Germany is a long-running and fascinating tale of idolisation, salvation, revolution, interpretation, appropriation, and resolution. The collections at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust tell the story of the adoption of Shakespeare as an honorary German and of the resolve that was necessary to maintain the ‘citizenship’ of Shakespeare through the world and cold wars of the twentieth century. This exhibition chronologically pinpoints twelve key moments that define that relationship through the gifts, literary works, playbills, letters, minute and visitor book entries, committee reports, and records of the archives, and shows some of the ways in which Shakespeare has been part of key historical events of the last 200 years: whether sparking the beginnings of a revival of ‘Old German’ style literature; prompting the first Shakespeare Society in the world; or blurring battle-lines in the wars.


With thanks to the Museums and Universities Partnership Initiative (an Arts Council funded project).