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Shakespeare Week Portraits

Korky Paul’s William Shakespeare

Who created it?

Korky Paul


What is it made of?

Colour pastels, ink and watercolour


Artist Biography

Korky Paul was born in Harare, Zimbabwe.  He is a much loved artist and among his illustrated work is the multi-million selling Winnie the Witch series. 
He is a patron of The Art Room, Pegasus Theatre, ARCh and Reading Quest.

Known only to himself as the 'World's Greatest Portrait Artist', he regularly visits schools promoting his passion for drawing.

He lives in Oxford.


About the Picture

“First of all I collected conventional black and white portraits of Shakespeare as reference. I then drew many portrait rough sketches of Shakespeare based on these references. I used soft pencil and pen and black ink, to get a feel of his appearance.

“I then tried to use colour pastels which are best suited for a broad, loose style of drawing. As I drew more and more preparatory sketches in pastels I suddenly had the idea that it may be Winnie the Witch's style of drawing.

“I am a cartoonist and include lots of visual humour in my work I wanted to give Shakespeare a more cartoony, funny expression, rather than the rather sombre, sad expressions that you often see. But I had to make sure that the focal point was on Shakespeare and not Winnie.

“So there you have it! Winnie and Wilbur in front of this really huge framed portrait of Shakespeare.”


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