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Shakespeare Week Portraits

Zephan’s Shakespeare, Second Runner up, Individual (4-7 years)

Who created it?



What is it made of?

It is a mixed media collage.


Artist Biography

I am Zephan and I am age 7. I am home-schooled but if I went to school I would be in Year 3.

I enjoy having fun with friends, Minecraft, creating and modelling things, reading, sums and making cakes. I know a lot about sharks and am learning how to code.


About the Picture 

“I do lots of art with my Grandma. When I heard about the competition, I was experimenting with collage, using torn paper. I looked at some other pictures of Shakespeare, and I enjoyed finding different materials to use. I think the beard is the best bit. I have seen The Merchant of Venice and A Midsummer Night's Dream at the theatre, and this is what I think Shakespeare looked like.”