We’d like to transport you back to Shakespeare’s time; to meet his family and to understand a little about the world in which he lived. With expert insights from historians, archivists and curators we have selected nine objects that have a link to nine members of William Shakespeare’s family. What do these objects tell us about life in Shakespeare’s time? And what can we learn about his family and relationships?

Calling all children! We'd like to challenge you to find out as much as you can about one of Shakespeare’s family and the time in which they lived. Can you use this information to write a fictional diary from their perspective, using what we know, as well as what we imagine, about their lives? Shakespeare Week patron, Marcia Williams, has written a resource pack of materials to guide and inspire you which you can find in this exhibition as well as on the Shakespeare Week website. We’d love you to enter your diary into our competition and we will include the winning entries in this exhibition. You have until 10 May 2024 to send them in. Who will you choose?

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