Sharing Shakespeare’s Story is part of the Museums and Schools programme and is funded by Arts Council England and the Department for Education. Part of the legacy of the project is the creation of this online exhibition featuring the children’s responses to some of the items in our collections. To view their responses please click on the collection images below, or search for a particular school using the search bar. 

William Shakespeare was an ordinary boy from Stratford-upon-Avon who grew up to do extraordinary things. The children taking part in Sharing Shakespeare’s Story have achieved more than they imagined possible when they started the project. As a teacher said of the experience “It is sowing the seeds for children’s cultural, literary and historical experiences and understanding”

Kineton Primary School

Kineton - Warwickshire

Kineton Primary School chose children from their Key Stage 2 phase to be guides for the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.  These children from Kineton in Warwickshire worked across the three town houses:  Shakespeare’s Birthplace, New Place and Hall’s Croft.  The young guides informed pupils from their school as well as visitors from all over the world about the life and times of William Shakespeare. 

The school supports children, as they ‘gain the confidence and skills they need to begin finding out who they really are and what they are capable of’.  It aims to help their children fulfil their potential and achieve more than they ever felt possible.  These Key Stage 2 children are proof that the school’s vision and aims are working – well done to all concerned.


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