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Still my beating mind

Dawn's Song, Highly Commended, 8-11 years



Who created it?

Dawn, age 11



“My name is Dawn and I am eleven years-old. I love to dance, act and sing. I am part of a local theatre group and recently performed a solo in front of a big audience. I also love books and read a lot in my spare time.”


My creative response


About my creative response

“My mum is an amazing singer and has inspired me to follow in her footsteps. I chose to write a song about me and my feelings because it is the one way I feel I can express myself. And in this song it lists a few things that help me stay calm.” 


What do you do to ‘still your beating mind’?

“Taking time for me helps me to be calm; being outside and talking to people I trust really makes a difference in how calm I feel.”


What is your favourite Shakespeare play, character or quote?

“My favourite play is Romeo and Juliet - even though it ends in tragedy!”