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Still my beating mind

Jacob, Alfie, Louis and Nate, Second Runner-up, 4-7 years



Who created it?

Jacob, Alfie, Louis and Nate, ages 6 and 7



"I am Nate, I am seven years-old. Running is my favourite sport. I am fast!"

"I am Jacob. I am seven years-old. I like dinosaurs. I wear glasses. I am really fast. I am good at football."

"I am Alfie. I am six years-old. My favourite thing is playing with my friends. My hobby is crafting. When I grow up I want to be a mechanical engineer."

"I am Louis. I am seven years-old. I like walking to the Aston Cantlow church where Shakespeare's Mum and Dad got married."


Our creative response



About our creative response

Jacob, Year 2, age 7

"We made a dramatic film with my friends. You can see moving characters."

Louis, Year 2, age 7

"My film drama is about being happy. It made me happy."

Nate, Year 2, age 7

“We made a dramatic film. We felt it was a good way to put pictures and words together.”

Alfie, Year 2, age 6

"I made a film with my friends because it’s like you’re in a drama and there are more characters and it has words and characters together. My drama represents what makes you calm. It helped me to keep calm."


What do you do to ‘still your beating mind’?

Nate: “I watch TV, read books, eat crisps and do yoga!”

Jacob: “I watch TV.”

Alfie: “Yoga makes me calm.”


What is your favourite Shakespeare quote, play or character?

Nate: “To thine own self be true”.

Jacob: “Prospero.”

Alfie: “My favourite play is The Tempest and my favourite character is Ariel.”

Louis: "My favourite quote is 'A turn or two I'll walk, To still my beating mind' and my favourite play is The Tempest."