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Still my beating mind

Laura's Shakespeare Workout, First Runner-up (Joint), 8-11 years

FIRST RUNNER-UP (Joint), 8-11 years


Who created it?

Laura, age 10



"Hello! I am Laura and I am ten years-old. Spending time with my friends playing netball, rounders and other sports are some of my favourite ways to spend my free time."

"My favourite hobbies are playing sports and baking cakes with my family. I’ve played netball and baked since I was little, and I also enjoy many other sports. My love of sports and English inspired me to make the workout. I also enjoy playing board games such as Trivial Pursuit because they inspire me to think creatively and learn new and exciting facts about the world, which helped me with the workout project!"


My creative response


About my creative response

"The medium I chose was a video and the way I did it was to record myself acting as if I was in front of real people and I later edited the video."

“Shakespeare’s quote inspired me because many factors can help deal with stress, and I believe sports are an easy way to overcome daily frustration. The passion in playing sports easily takes your mind off anything! While drafting ideas for my video I was thinking about how to make my video entertaining, funny and creative, but also teach about Shakespeare and his plays. This is why when I made the initial video I tried to act out the quotes and give some information about the play as well.”


What does this Shakespeare quote mean to you?

"The quote to me means that someone might be having a quite stressful day and many things could be going through their head. So if they go and do some exercise or go for a walk they could clear their head and just focus on their surroundings instead of what has happened in the day."


How has physical activity helped you when you felt anxious or upset?

"Physical activity has helped me when I feel anxious because getting my heart beating faster and warming up my muscles helps me empty my mind instead of my thoughts dwelling inside my head."

“I usually play netball to help myself loosen up a bit and never give up. Scoring for my team makes me happy and sharing the joy calms me down."


What is your favourite Shakespeare play, character or quote?

“My favourite play is Romeo and Juliet because although it’s a very common choice, I think it has a deeper meaning than many people think it has. I think that this play is a really good metaphor for not giving up on your dreams and to do what’s right, which in this case, was for Romeo and Juliet to fight for each other’s love and try and end the Montague vs Capulet rivalry. It also shows determination and strength, to fight against people who are bigger and more powerful than you, which I think is a great message for young children and adults. This play is also in a way related to sports, because it’s about perseverance.”

“My favourite quote is ‘Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?’ I love this quote because even though people think it is about Juliet looking for Romeo, it’s actually about her questioning why she had to fall in love with Romeo who is a Montague, and she wishes that he’d been a Capulet. This quote suggests that even though she knew that him being a Montague would be problematic, she still fought to be with him, and I think that is a lesson that everyone should learn.”