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Still my beating mind

Murray's Artwork, Art Prize, 8-11 years

Marcia Williams' ART PRIZE, 8-11 years


Who created it?

Murray, age 11



"I am Murray. I am eleven years-old. I like creative things and helping my Dad with DIY. I started pyrography this year with offcuts of wood and have made some things for my school friends to buy. I have raised over £100 for a Ukrainian charity."


My creative response

Murray's Artwork 


About my creative response

"This is my submission for the Shakespeare Week competition. It is an artwork made with pyrography.  My Dad does DIY and I collect the offcuts of wood to make my art."

"I like the feel and smell of the wood. I feel like it appeals to all of the senses. It is more physical art than art on paper. Also you can't rub it out so it makes the art more spontaneous and closer to the image in my head. The finished artwork has more permanence than art on paper."


What does this Shakespeare quote mean to you?

"I like the quote 'A turn or two I'll walk, To still my beating mind'. I have ADHD so I have a lot of 'traffic' going around my head. I sometimes feel like I have to do everything at once. Walking calms me down.  Sometimes my teachers send me on movement breaks to help me concentrate in class. When I am walking I feel calm and my mind can wander to magical places like this enchanted forest which I have drawn. This forest is a place of calm and excitement at the same time. I hope you like it too."


What do you do to ‘still your beating mind’?

“I use movement to still my beating mind. Walking really helps especially if I can walk outdoors. I don’t mind if it rains because the rain feels nice when it lands on me. My favourite time of day is dusk, the calm just after the sun goes down. You can sometimes see the nocturnal animals like bats starting to come out.”